Ruslan Shamilovich Chagaev – Facts, Information

Ruslan Shamilovich Chagaev is an Uzbek professional boxer who competed in the heavy weight category ..

Two-time world champion among amateurs. Heavyweight champion of Asia and the world among amateurs (1998). Member of the national team of Uzbekistan at the XXVII Summer Olympic Games in the weight category up to 91 kg (lost in the quarterfinals).

WBA World Heavyweight Champion (2007-2009). Regular world champion in the heavyweight category according to the WBA (2014-2016; 2016). PABA Asian Champion (2013).

The BoxRec website puts Chagaev in 10th place in the ranking of the best Asian boxers of all times and peoples, regardless of the weight category. According to BoxRec, Chagaev was also in the top ten heavyweights in the world at the end of the year for eight consecutive years from 2004 to 2011; from 2005 to 2007, he was one of the three best heavyweights on the planet. Chagaev won two boxing matches in the heavyweight category, rated 5 stars by BoxRec.

Ruslan Shamilovich Chagaev - Facts, Information

Amateur career

Chagaev is a two-time world champion among amateurs.

  • 1995 – Asian Heavyweight Amateur Champion.
  • 1996 – Member of the 1996 Uzbekistan Olympic team in Atlanta.
  • 1996 – Bronze medalist at the World Youth Championship in Havana in the heavyweight division.
  • 1997 – World Heavyweight Champion in Budapest (He was deprived of the crown due to the fact that he had two professional fights before the tournament. Restored in champion rights after these two fights were recognized as exhibition fights. In total, Chagaev won eighty-two of eighty-five amateur fights.).
  • 1998 – Gold Medal Heavyweight at the 1998 Asian Championships in Bangkok.
  • 1999 – represented Uzbekistan at the 1999 World Amateur Boxing Championships in Houston in the heavyweight division.
  • 1999 – Asian Games Gold Medal
  • 2000 – represented Uzbekistan at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney in the heavyweight division.
  • 2001 – won the gold medal at the 2001 World Amateur Boxing Championships in Belfast in the heavyweight division.

Professional career

Immediately after the World Cup, Chagaev becomes a professional completely.


In the third fight, he retired the famous American jornimen, Everett Martin.

Having 5 victories in the asset, he meets with Rob Calloway (43-3). Ruslan won easily and gave Calloway a standing knockdown, it seemed there were a few seconds left until the knockout. But the referee stopped the fight and scored a technical draw due to a cut at Calloway caused by an unintentional head bump. After that Ruslan Chagaev defeated the undefeated Zack Graham TKO3, Daniel Frank KO2.

Then he met with a very uncomfortable Cedric Fields. This was the second fight Ruslan fought for Universum. The fight was equal. The audience booed the result – a decision in favor of Chagaev.

After two fights, Ruslan fully rehabilitated himself, purely knocking out Fields in the second round, defeating Russian Alexei Varakin before that.

In the next fight, Chagaev again amazed everyone with his striking power, knocking out a very tough fighter Garing Lane in the fifth round. The blows to the liver played a decisive role in the victory, and Lane was very good at keeping the bombing on the torso from David Tua himself! Among the next victories of the Uzbek fighter, one should note a victory over a good jornimen Sherman Williams on points.

This was followed by a winning streak over famous boxers, among which was a rematch with Rob Calloway, in which Chagaev knocked out Rob in the second round and closed the only controversial result in his track record.

On the way to the champion’s title, Chagaev defeated three more serious rivals, which were Ukrainian Vladimir Virchis, famous Englishman Michael Sprott.


Qualifying fight with John Ruiz

On November 18, 2006 in the WBA eliminator, Chagaev defeated former world champion John Ruiz by split decision. The fight took place with a slight advantage of Ruslan Chagaev, who was a little more accurate in each round. Ruiz, in this battle, abandoned his usual tactics, when he tried to wear down opponents in the clinch, and constantly went to exchange blows. However, there were no really dangerous moments for any of the boxers during the fight. As a result, the outcome of the battle was decided by the judges. One judge unexpectedly gave the victory to John Ruiz with a score of 115-114. However, two other judges rightly considered that Chagaev was stronger: 117-111 and 116-112.

Champion fight with Nikolai Valuev

The next opponent of Ruslan Chagaev was the Russian boxer Nikolai Valuev for the world title. The fight took place on April 14, 2007 at the Porsche Arena in Stuttgart, Germany. Chagaev was a mandatory challenger and a fight with him was inevitable. Both boxers were undefeated before meeting each other. Ruslan Chagaev dominated the entire fight. According to the results of the 12-round fight, the champion title passed from Nikolai Valuev to Ruslan Chagaev, who won on points. Nikolai Valuev after the fight agreed with the decision of the judges and referred to the physical fitness of Ruslan Chagaev.

Possible fight with Sultan Ibragimov

In 2007, a unification battle was planned in Moscow between the WBA world champion Ruslan Chagaev and the WBO world champion Sultan Ibragimov. This was supposed to be the first unification battle since 1999 and the first unification battle that took place outside the United States and the first unification battle in which an American would not participate. However, the fight had to be canceled because of Chagaev’s hepatitis

Forfeiture of title

Having won the championship title, Chagaev began to enter the ring less and less due to health problems and had only two fights in two years. He defended his title in a fight with Matt Skelton and the undefeated Carl Davis Drumond. The WBA declared Chagaev “champion on vacation” due to such a rarity of fights.

Championship fight with Wladimir Klitschko

Due to health problems, a revenge with Nikolai Valuev, who became a mandatory contender for the title of Chagaev, fell through. Due to the impossibility of holding this fight, Chagaev was stripped of his title. After a short time, another top boxer, Vladimir Klitschko, had a similar problem with the selection of an opponent, and Chagaev and Vladimir signed a contract for a joint fight in a short time. Since both were very highly ranked, in this fight, in addition to the Klitschko belts, the vacant title of The Ring was played. The WBA title was not played, since the association did not give permission for the unification fight and deprived Chagaev of the title before the fight.

On June 20, 2009 Ruslan Chagaev entered the ring with WBO and IBF World Champion Vladimir Klitschko

  • At the time of the fight Ruslan Chagaev was the reigning WBA champion, but the fight was not a unification fight, since the WBA refused to authorize it and the title of this organization was not played in the fight.
  • In this fight, for the first time since 2004, the belt of one of the most respected world boxing magazines “The Ring” in the heavyweight division was played. This belt is played when two of the world’s strongest boxers meet, according to this magazine.

Klitschko seized the initiative from the first seconds of the fight. Chagaev tried to counterattack, but Vladimir’s strongest jab turned out to be a serious obstacle for him. In the second round, Klitschko knocked Chagaev down with a right cross. After the fourth round, bleeding from the mouth and nose was noticeable in Chagaev. The one-sided fight was stopped by Chagaev’s seconds before the start of the 10th round.

After the first defeat, Chagaev had two rating fights – with the famous Australian Cali Meehn and the American Travis Walker. These fights again raised Chagaev in the WBA rankings. And after the announcement of this title vacant, Chagaev was appointed a contender for the championship fight with the Russian prospect Alexander Povetkin.

Champion fight with Alexander Povetkin

On August 27, 2011, Chagaev entered the ring with Russian Alexander Povetkin in the battle for the vacant WBA regular world champion title. From the very beginning of the fight, Alexander began to put pressure and go on the attack, as planned by his coach Teddy Atlas. Until the end of the 5th – beginning of the 6th round, Povetkin’s advantage was significant and he was in the lead in points. Then, however, Chagaev himself began to box much more aggressively. His quality attacks more and more often reached the target, and at some point the scales tipped in his favor. However, Chagaev quickly began to get tired, and starting from the 11th round, the advantage again passed to Povetkin, who, although not strongly, nevertheless punched Chagaev’s strong block. As a result, Ruslan added in the last round and, in general, surpassed his opponent in the quality of punches, while significantly losing in their number. In the end, the judges gave the victory by unanimous decision to Povetkin: 116-112, 117-113, 117-113.


After being defeated by Alexander Povetkin, Ruslan did not enter the ring in 2011. Having lost his position in the ratings, since the beginning of 2012, Chagaev began to gradually recover from eight-round battles. So on January 28, Ruslan by unanimous decision defeated the famous boxer Kerston Manswell, who at one time was promising and had twenty consecutive victories at the beginning of his professional career.

On April 21, Ruslan Chagaev convincingly knocked out American Billy Zambran, who became famous for his convincing confrontation in 2005 to Riddick Bowe himself and lost to him with a controversial decision. Chagaev managed to convincingly defeat Zambran by knockout in the third round, knocking him down twice.

September 1, 2012 in the undercard of the fight “Felix Sturm – Daniel Gil” knocked out in the 7th round a little-known German jornimen Werner Kreiscott.

Possible fight with Mike Perez

On December 1, 2012 Ruslan was supposed to fight his fourth fight this year against undefeated Cuban Mike Perez (18-0), but a week before the fight, Perez was injured and the fight was canceled.

Fight with Fres Oquendo

On July 6, 2014, in the fight for the title of the regular world heavyweight champion according to the WBA, he won by split decision Fres Oquendo. The fight took place at the Akhmat Arena in Grozny (Chechnya).

Fight with Francesco Pianeta

On July 11, 2015, a boxing evening took place in the German city of Magdeburg, the main event of which was the duel between Ruslan Chagaev and Francesco Pianeta. Already in the first round, Chagaev knocked down his opponent. Pianeta managed to get up, but did not come to his senses and until the end of the round was again knocked down. Pianeta rose to the count of “ten” this time, but the referee stopped the fight, seeing that he was unable to continue. Thus, Chagaev successfully completed the first defense of his title.

Fight with Lucas Brown

On March 5, 2016, in Grozny, in the Colosseum sports hall, a duel took place between the WBA regular world champion Ruslan Chagaev (34-2-1) and the Australian challenger Lucas Brown (23-0). Chagaev dominated the entire fight, knocking Brown down in the 6th round, but Brown managed to recover. In the 10th round, Brown caught Chagaev with an oncoming right in the jaw and knocked him down. He was able to get up, but Lucas pushed Ruslan to the ropes and carried out a series of aimed strikes. The referee decided to stop the fight. Thus, Ruslan Chagaev, lost the title of the WBA regular world champion, losing to the Australian Lucas Brown by TKO in the 10th round. At the time of the stoppage of the fight, Chagaev was leading 3 judges on the cards (88-81 and 88-82 twice). Later, doping was found in Brown’s blood and was stripped of the title, returning to Chagaev, but the result of the fight was not changed.


October 17, 2016 made the final and irrevocable decision to end his boxing career. The reason for this was a vision problem, which intensified after the last fight with Lucas Brown.

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Ruslan Shamilovich Chagaev - Facts, Information

Personal life

Ruslan Chagaev is a purebred Tatar by nationality and an adherent of Islam. His father, Shamil Chagaev, is a Mishar from the village of Kalda (Barysh district of the Ulyanovsk region), in 1950 the family moved to the Uzbek SSR. Mother, Zamira Chagaeva, was born in Uzbekistan, died in 2005 in Moscow.

Chagaev has a sister, Louise.

Wife – Victoria, Armenian, also from Andijan, graduated from the Andijan Medical Institute, general doctor.

In November 2003, Chagaev received an invitation to play for the Hamburg Universum club. His wife came to see him five months later. In early March 2004 Ruslan signed a contract. Ruslan lives in Hamburg with his family and has bought his own home.

Ruslan and Victoria have three children. Their first son, Arthur, was born on March 24, 2004. The second son, Alan, was born on August 15, 2007 in Hamburg. The date of birth of the third son, Adam, is unknown.

Awards and titles

  • Honorary title “Uzbekiston Iftikhori” (1998)
  • Honored Athlete of the Republic of Uzbekistan (2000)
  • Order “El-Yurt Khurmati” (2001)
  • Order “Buyuk Hizmatlari Uchun” (2007)